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Using the P:E Logo

Displaying the P:E Logo

Composers selected for PROJECT : ENCORE can indicate that their composition is a prominent part of the P:E catalog by providing a P:E logo to their printer or publisher along with directions for proper use of P:E indicia.

Using the P:E Indicia

In scores, published and unpublished:
example of score use
In programs and CD listings:
example of score use

Downloading the P:E Logo

To download a logo, right-click (Ctrl-click for the MAC) over the logo of your choice, then select "Save Image As..." or its equivalent for your computer. For phones and tablets, use those techniques specific to your smart device to download the image.
large logo

400x443 png

med logo

289x320 png

small logo

100x111 png

Logos are on transparent backgrounds, so they may be used on paper stock of any color. You can further resize the logos using any standard graphics program.

Terms of Use

The PROJECT : ENCORE™ name and butterfly logo are trademarks registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and property of Schola Cantorum on Hudson. Composers and conductors are permitted to use the PROJECT : ENCORE name and logo in connection with reproductions and/or descriptions of works within the PROJECT : ENCORE catalog, provided that the ™ symbol follows the name the first time it appears, the name is always written as “PROJECT : ENCORE,” and the name or logo is never placed on or used to describe works that have not been accepted into the PROJECT : ENCORE catalog. Any other use of the PROJECT : ENCORE name or butterfly logo is prohibited absent the express written consent of Schola Cantorum on Hudson.