Brandon Michael Stewart says:

My goal as a composer is to write music for two distinct, yet related groups of people. On the one hand, I try to reach out to the discontent, the disenfranchised, and the discarded. I mean to create art that shows them that they are not alone and creates a catharsis that temporarily frees them from their pain.

On the other hand, I target those who have either willingly or unwillingly put those in the other group in those negative states. I invite these people to fully immerse themselves in the melancholia I portray for the duration of one piece in order to better understand the struggles of those who live in perpetual darkness every day. In doing so, I hope to create an empathetic bond between the two groups that will ultimately lead to the betterment of all.

Stewart’s work has been performed by the Delphinium Quartet, the Oregon Chamber Players, KBOO radio, Northwest New Music, the American Creators Chorus at the 2013 Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium, as well as by several collegiate groups at Marylhurst University and Clark College. He is active as a vocalist in the Portland metropolitan area. Ensembles with which he has participated include Portland Summerfest’s Opera in the Park, Portland Symphonic Choir, various liturgical choirs, and BRAVO! Vancouver where he is currently a section singer/soloist.

I Shall Not CareVoicing: SATB  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 3:20  Alternative Notation: Some whispers  Text Source: Sara Teasdale  Language: English  Descriptive Terms: Apathy, Depression, Empathy, Hatred, Suicide  First Performance: Jul 02, 2013: American Creators Chorus, Craig Hella Johnson, University of Oregon Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 236/237)