Hola, People! My name is Carlos Cordero. I am a new choral music advocate, composer, hug-giver, and singer with a crazy mind. My passion for new choral music and connecting with others has led me to create meaningful experiences and relationships, including recently writing “Holding Our Breath” with poet Julie Flanders commissioned by ACDA’s Genesis Prize. I love writing music for choirs, which is why I create my brand The Happy Choir. Recent commissions include Chorus Austin, Salt Lake Vocal Artists, Ensemble Companio, Panoramic Voices, among others. I also write for instruments, just less often! My pieces have traveled around the world, including America, Europe, and Asia, allowing me to grow as an artist and collaborate with amazing communities.

I am currently working as a full-time composer, enjoying the journey of connecting with others through choral music, as well as advocating for choral composers and choirs through The Happy Composer Commission Project. Most of my scores are self-published on my website, The Happy Choir. Hal Leonard, Panamusica, E.C. Schirmer, and Selah Publishing publish some of my scores too.

I am originally from Venezuela, a beautiful country with delicious food where I got to be a choral conductor and music educator at El Sistema. I currently live in Austin, Texas, with my husband, Ryan Heller. I hold an M.M. in Composition from the University of Houston, as well as a B.M. and a Specialization in Composition from Universidad Católica Cecilio Acosta.

NormalVoicing: SATB  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 1:40  Notation: Standard  Text Source: Deedra Van Ness  Language: English  Seasonal/Liturgical Uses: General  Descriptive Terms: School Shooting, Violence, Loss, Help, Awareness, Social Justice  First Performance: October 24, 2021: The University of Akron Chamber Choir, Marie Bucoy-Calavan, Fairlawn Lutheran Church in Fairlawn, OH Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 1201/1616~2022-Q1)
Nada Te TurbeVoicing: SATB DIV.  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 3:30  Notation: Standard  Text Source: Santa Teresa del Ávila  Language: Spanish  Descriptive Terms: Peace, Immigrant, Love, Sacred, Acceptance, Journey, Compassion, War  First Performance: November 20, 2018 : Concurso Internacional de Composición Coral Alberto Grau Virtual Choir, Ana María Raga, Online / Virtual Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 1201/1632~2022-Q2)
Ayúdame (Venezuelan Plea for Life)Voicing: SATB  Solo(s): Soprano  Accompaniment: Bass Drum Or Snare Or A Bell (in G Or D) Or Any Other Object  Performance Length: 5:00  Notation: Standard  Text Source: Carlos Cordero  Language: Spanish  Descriptive Terms: Venezuela, Struggle, Pleading, Lament, Hopeless, Current Events, Race  First Performance: July 21, 2019 : Suono Chamber Choir, Alex Bruce, Foundry UMC, Houston Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 1201/1549~2021-Q2)
Holding Our BreathVoicing: SATB  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 5:45  Notation: Standard  Text Source: Julie Flanders  Language: English  Descriptive Terms: Hope, Fear, Vulnerability, Social Justice, Crisis, Pandemic, Breathing  First Performance: March 17, 2021 : Conspirare, Dr. Craig Hella Johnson, Online ( Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 1201/1582~2021-Q3)