Jamie Klenetsky Fay is a vocalist, composer, and passionate advocate of new music. She’s a long-time member of the ASCAP Adventurous Programming Award-winning C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, where she’s sung in over 50 premieres of new work. Her choral and vocal compositions have been performed across the United States.

She thrives in collaborating with performers in workshopping her music and creating a thought-provoking experience for her audience through themes such as climate change, immigration, and gentrification. She strives to create music that is meaningful and relevant to today’s audience.

Being a vocalist, she fell in love with writing choral music. C4 has premiered seven of her works: The Temple Bells (2009), An Ever-Fixed Mark (2010), Tomaraji na kumo (The Ceaseless Clouds; 2016, also performed by sister organization C3LA), Seawall (2017), Vanishing (2018), Neighbors at Seven (2020), and Grateful (2021). Her piece for marimba and violin, Thoughts Creep In, was workshopped by Matt Gould and the Mivos Quartet at Walden’s Creative Musicians Retreat in 2017. In 2018, I Remain was premiered by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus Men’s Ensemble. Two art songs, Distance and To Be Heard, were premiered in Michigan and Kansas City. Unlearning for soprano and electronics premiered at 2020’s Rhymes With Opera summer workshop. A solo piano work, Hibernation, was performed by Michael Rosin in 2021.

She was born and raised in New Jersey, attended Rutgers University, graduating in 2006, and currently lives in Morristown with her husband and two cats.

Tomaraji na kumoVoicing: SATB  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 2:45  Notation: Standard  Text Source: Fujiwara no Tameie (1198-1275), Shokugo-shuui-wakashuu, 406  Language: Japanese  Seasonal/Liturgical Uses: Autumn  Descriptive Terms: Bittersweet, Clouds, Reflection, Soaring  First Performance: Jun 09, 2016: C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, Melissa Wozniak, St. Ignatius of Antioch, Manhattan Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 137/508~2016-Q3)
An Ever-Fixed MarkVoicing: SSAATTBB  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 4:51  Notation: Standard  Text Source: William Shakespeare  Language: English  Seasonal/Liturgical Uses: Weddings  Descriptive Terms: Love, Marriage, Relationship, Shakespeare  First Performance: Feb 25, 2010: C4 Ensemble, Erica Lowe, Church for All Nations, New York, NY Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 137/138)
SeawallVoicing: SATB  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 3:28  Notation: Standard  Text Source: Jamie Klenetsky Fay  Language: English  Descriptive Terms: City, Climate, Hope, Melancholy, Ocean  First Performance: Mar 02, 2017: C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, Karen Siegel, Church of St. Luke in the Fields, NYC Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 137/634~2017-Q2)
I RemainVoicing: TBB  Solo(s): Tenor  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 3:00  Notation: Standard  Text Source: Jamie Klenetsky Fay  Language: English  Descriptive Terms: Determination, Hope, Sorrow  First Performance: Mar 08, 2018: Brooklyn Youth Chorus Men’s Ensemble, Kristopher Burke, Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral, Brooklyn Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 137/813~2018-Q2)