Simon Beattie (b.1975) studied modern languages at the University of Exeter, and was a tenor choral scholar in Exeter Cathedral Choir. He now lives in Buckinghamshire and sings with a variety of groups locally, and in London.

His highly-regarded setting of Rowan Williams’s poem “Advent Calendar,” was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 as part of the Advent carol service from St John’s College, Cambridge, in 2008. The late John McCabe, whose own “The last and greatest Herald” was premiered during the same broadcast, wrote: “I simply found it gripping and moving. I felt your grasp of harmony and harmonic progression was particularly impressive. And the response to the excellent poem was vivid.”

Advent CalendarVoicing: SSAATTB  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 2:30  Notation: Standard  Text Source: Rowan Williams  Language: English  Seasonal/Liturgical Uses: Advent, Christmas  Descriptive Terms: Anticipation  First Performance: December 10, 2006 : The Damon Singers, Will Dawes, The White Hill Centre, Chesham, UK Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 1193/1543~2021-Q2)
Remember meVoicing: SATTBB  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 4:57  Notation: Standard  Text Source: Christina Rossetti  Language: English  Seasonal/Liturgical Uses: Memorial Services  Descriptive Terms: Death Love Memorial  First Performance: January 21, 2019 : Wunderkammerchor, Simon Johnson, St Augustine’s, Kilburn, London Text Setting Source for Scores (P:E 1193/1511~2021-Q1)
Three Heine Love SongsVoicing: SATB  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 4:22  Notation: Standard  Text Source: Heinrich Heine  Language: English  Descriptive Terms: Love  First Performance: July 11, 2009 : The Damon Singers, David Cook, The White Hill Centre, Chesham, UK Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 1193/1520~2021-Q2)