Shall We Gather at the River by Matt WetmoreVoicing: SSSAAATTTBBB  Solo(s): Alto  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 4:00  Alternative Notation: Aleatoric passages  Text Source: Robert Lowry  Language: English  Descriptive Terms: Gathering, God, River, Spiritual  First Performance: Feb 16, 2018: Cardinal Singers, Kent Hatteberg, University of Louisville Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 747/883~2018-Q4)
The Gift to Sing by Tom CouncilVoicing: SATB  Accompaniment: Unaccompanied  Performance Length: 4:31  Notation: Standard  Text Source: James Weldon Johnson, Robert Lowry  Language: English  Descriptive Terms: Joy, Singing  First Performance: May 19, 2019 : The Texas Voices, Tom Council, Dallas, Texas Text Setting Composer’s Notes Source for Scores (P:E 487/1521~2021-Q2)