Project : Encore Logo

PROJECT : ENCORE is an ever-growing e-based repertoire and programming resource for conductors and a marketing arm for contemporary composers. The lofty mission embraced by the founders is that PROJECT : ENCORE provide a highly visible and accessible platform for new, post-premiere choral work that has been expertly evaluated as being of exceptional merit.

Evaluating music for programming is never an easy task. By providing study scores and sound files, the PROJECT : ENCORE catalog is designed to expedite a conductor's search for new material. PROJECT : ENCORE charges no fees or commissions either to conductors or composers.

PROJECT : ENCORE is not in competition with any company or organization seeking to promote or publish new choral music. It is neither a publishing house nor a representative of any particular composer. It is a free service supporting all efforts encouraging the composition and performance of new, high-quality choral music.

In short, PROJECT : ENCORE seeks to provide:

  • A bridge directly connecting composers and conductors while maintaining an evaluation process historically born almost exclusively by music publishers.
  • A seal of approval for the high-quality compositions accepted into the PROJECT : ENCORE database.
  • A continually enlarging body of repertoire to which conductors can turn for fresh material and strong compositional voices of juried quality, searchable by an extensive array of keywords and conductor requirements.
  • A complete sound file and study score for each work in the catalog for use as an evaluation and teaching tool.