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Composition Submission Form

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Composer Information
Enter your professional name.
Enter your preferred e-mail address. All correspondence from PROJECT : ENCORE will be sent to this address.
Enter your Mailing Address: Street (Apt#, P.O. Box, etc)
Enter your City, State, and ZIP Code or equivalent.
Enter the URL of your web site, if available.
Enter your primary phone number. Non-US numbers should include Country Code.
Enter any alternate phone numbers where you might be reached, if you wish. Non-US numbers should include Country Code. Please indicate if a number is a FAX number, office number, etc.
This question is for biographical purposes only and has no bearing on the evaluation of your current submission. Answer "Yes" ONLY if you have at least one composition currently listed in the P:E catalog. You may then proceed to the next page. If your work is not represented in the current catalog, answer “No” and submit a brief bio and head shot in the fields provided below. NOTE: If you are currently represented but wish to update your bio and/or photograph, answer "No" and fill in the new information.
Enter a brief biography (500-word maximum). Alternately, you may enter a web address where your biography may be found. If your work is selected for inclusion in the PROJECT : ENCORE catalog, this is the biography that will appear on your Composer Information Page. We may edit your biography for length and style. You may re-size the entry window by placing your mouse over the bottom right corner of the window then clicking and dragging.
Head Shot *

Upload a high-resolution head shot (900 x 1500px minimum) by following the instructions below. If your composition is selected, this is the image we will use in various print campaigns, in our feature page in the Choral Journal, and your Composer Information Page. This is the image that will represent you to the public. Submission of an image below the minimum specification will delay the review process. To upload:

  1. Click the button directly below labeled “Browse...” or “Choose File” (depending on your browser),
  2. Navigate to the folder where your head shot image is stored,
  3. Select the file, then click “Open.”

A small, rotating icon will appear indicating that your file is loading. Please wait until the icon disappears before proceeding. When the icon disappears, you may continue with the submission process. Note: Large files may take some time to load. We may edit your head shot for size and presentation.

Upload Head Shot . . .
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png tif.