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PROJECT : ENCORE Submissions Guidelines

General Instructions

  • A submission must have had at least one complete public performance.
  • The submission must be primarily a choral work. Both a cappella and works with either traditional or non-traditional accompanying instrumentation are acceptable.
  • Entry is limited to one composition per composer per quarter. Any additional submissions by a composer during a single quarter will be discarded without review and without comment. Quarterly submission deadlines are on the 15th of January, April, July, and October.
  • Composers of any age are eligible. (Compositions may be submitted posthumously if accompanied by a legal, notarized document granting authority to do so.
  • The composer is solely responsible for obtaining permission for use of any submitted materials (texts, sound files, recording, etc.) Being unable to locate the owner of a copyright does not constitute permission for use, implied or otherwise.
  • Submission of any materials for consideration indicates you have read and accept the PROJECT : ENCORE Terms of Use.
  • The quality of the submitted manuscript must meet professional performance standards.
  • The musical setting must be original. Treatments of existing sources, e.g., folk songs, hymn tunes, etc., should express the borrowed material in a musically fresh and imaginative manner. Contrafacta and similar textual parodies are beyond the scope of this catalog.
  • There are no fees or commissions of any kind associated with PROJECT : ENCORE’s services.


Following all instructions carefully. An incomplete or erroneous submission will not be reviewed.

  1. Prepare the following electronic files:
    • COMPLETE SCORE: An electronic file of the complete performance score without any omissions or redaction.
      • The file must be in PDF format.
      • This is the performance/conductor score.
      • The score should be complete in all respects. You may, optionally, place a watermark on each page of the complete score with a notation such as "For Perusal Only." Such a watermark is not necessary, but you may do so if you desire.
      • Maximum file size: 15MB.
    • ANONYMOUS SCORE: An electronic file of the complete score from which all composer-identifying marks have been removed.
      • The file must be in PDF format.
      • A score having any composer-identifying marks will be rejected without comment.
      • Other than the removal of composer-identifying marks, the score must be complete in all respects.
      • Maximum file size: 15MB.
    • SOUND FILE: A complete sound recording of a performance or a MIDI-generated realization of the work.
      • The audio file must be in MP3 format.
      • Only a single file may be uploaded. Multiple files, of a multi-movement work for example, must be combined before submission.
      • If the audio file is of a live performance, you are solely responsible for securing permission for use from the performing group.
      • Maximum file size: 25MB. Larger sound files must be compressed prior to submission.
    • HEAD-SHOT: A hi-resolution head shot (900 x 1500 pixel minimum). If your work is selected, this image will be used in various print media campaigns and P:E's feature page in the Choral Journal. This is the minimum size required for print. (If you are currently represented in the PROJECT : ENCORE catalog, you need not submit this file again.)
  2. When all files are prepared and ready, complete the on-line Submission Form. (This process can take up to twenty minutes.)
  3. If you have any questions, email prior to completing the Submission Form.
  4. No material will be reviewed that is incomplete or fails to meet the criteria specified above.

After Submission

  • The submitted full score will be coded for identification then sent on for review by a panel of at least three distinguished conductors.
  • Anonymity of the entrants will be maintained throughout the review process.
  • You will be notified when the panel has reached a decision.
  • If, in the opinion of the panel, your composition meets the required artistic and performance standards, your work will be added to the PROJECT : ENCORE catalog along with your biography and picture.
  • If your work is added to the PROJECT : ENCORE catalog, your name will be added to the PROJECT : ENCORE Quarterly Report mailing list. This quarterly newsletter helps you keep up with what’s going on with other P:E composers.
  • An electronic copy of each entry will be retained by PROJECT : ENCORE for archival purposes.
  • PROJECT : ENCORE reserves the right to remove a composer and composer’s work(s) from its catalog should the composer fail to keep all contact information current or should a composer fail to represent PROJECT : ENCORE in a productive and positive manner.

PROJECT : ENCORE is not in competition with any company or organization seeking to promote or publish new choral music. We are neither a publishing house nor a representative of any particular composer. We support all efforts encouraging the composition and performance of new choral music of exceptional quality.