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On the next few pages, you will be asked to enter information required for an objective evaluation of the composition you are submitting. Please read the information below carefully before proceeding. Should you have questions, please drop an e-mail to submissions@ProjectEncore.org.

Before we start, you will need to read and understand our Submission Requirements and Terms of Use. If you are submitting a work for a deceased composer, please read this.

Next Submission Deadline

July 15, 2024

Midnight Eastern Time

Files to Prepare

You will need to prepare several files. The specifics of each file can be a little fussy, so we encourage you to check the detailed requirements of each file by clicking on the Documentation next to each description.

  1. A complete, performance-ready score. This is the score a conductor would use when preparing and performing the work. All instrumental parts must be fully realized. Short or condensed scores of instrumental accompaniments are not acceptable.
    ▸ Format: pdf. Maximum size: 12Mb. Documentation
  2. An anonymous score similar to that above but with all composer-identifying marks removed.
    ▸ Format: pdf. Maximum size: 12Mb. Documentation
  3. A sound file of a complete performance of the work.
    ▸ Format: mp3. Maximum size: 25Mb. Documentation
  4. If the composer is not currently represented by PROJECT : ENCORE, a headshot suitable for publicity use.
    ▸ Format: jpg. Minimum Dimensions: 900 x 1500px. Maximum size: 6Mb. Documentation
  5. You will be asked to enter the text set in the composition (and an English translation if the text is in another language), so having the text ready for typing or pasting in will hasten the process. Texts not in the public domain may be used only with expressed, written permission of the copyright holder, notice of which must appear in the score. Documentation

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